Filament PLA Anet

20.92€ 23.24€
Filament PLA Anet
Filament PLA Anet
20.92€ 23.24€

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● PLA is a more earth-friendly plastic. It is stronger and more rigid than ABS, and the printed objects will have a more glossy look and feel compared to ABS.
● As a material, PLA has much less warping versus ABS. Unlike ABS, PLA can be sanded and machined. And PLA has a lower melting temperature. Additionally, a heated bed is not required to print it.
● PLA usually enjoys sharper details and corners compared to ABS without the risk of cracking or warping. PLA can also be printed at higher throughput speeds.
● It is compatible with different brands of 3D printers(such as Makerbot, Mendel, RepRap, UP, Prusa, Huxley, BFB3000, uPrint, Cubify, printrbot, Sumpod)
● PLA Filament tends to be translucent and shiny.
● PLA filament is easier to use but not as stable and will dissolve if wet.
● We recommend PLA for beginners as its more forgiving and easier to work with as it cools & sets faster-reducing warpage.
● This is industrial material manufactured for professional use only and very suit for 3D printer user.

● A properly sized roller and calibrated hotend is required for good performance.Printer jams are always due to improper sized rollers and / or liners.

– Brand: Anet
– Diameter: 1.75 ± 0.1mm
– Print temperature range: 180°C to 200°C
– Color: black, blue, gold, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, transparent, white, yellow,brown,silver,skin color (Optional)
– Weight: 1KG/Roll
* Each spool is sold by weight, not length, in 1KG spools.
* Diameter tolerance will vary according to the density of the material
* The melting point will vary due to the density of the material
* The feed rate and the size of the hot end used will also affect the melting point
Package included:
1 x 1.75mm PLA filament

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